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This is an example of nicotinestain. Since Matt has asked, I soon found out that it is difficult to define who I am.

It would be easier to talk about things I liked:
1. pizza and pasta (sorry it’s dinner time)
2. php, perl and python
3. linux, midgard the cms, twiki and, certainly, wordpress
4. coffee, autumn, lake, R.E.M., T.S. Eliot

my wishlist: quit job, get a pentax 750Z and go to the south china. do some codings, do some bloggings, and translate some documents.

This blog? hmm, it will be used to talk about the list above heavily. I hope the Chinese readers won’t mind to read some English and the English readers won’t mind to read some Chinese.

Thank you for reading and hope you have a good day! 🙂



1. ann - August 28, 2005

heh, My current digital is acting up these days, I’m thinking about sending it to early retirement, getting a 750Z to snap pictures on our forthcoming cross-country drive, and sending it to you afterwards, here’s one item on the wishlist fulfilled! You won’t mind getting a used camera do you? 🙂

2. nicotinestain - September 9, 2005

hi, ann, thank you for the nice offer. in fact, i would not mind getting a used camera or just keep dreaming of the camera, used or not 🙂 so please don’t consider my wishlist. i’ll get other stuffs (done) tho’.

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